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Subjects: Maths & English Online Tuition

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Subjects: Maths & English Online Tuition

We believe Maths and English are different from other subjects, as they are what we call Building Block subjects where each level has to be thoroughly understood before you can add more blocks on the next level.

Watch our short video that explains why this is so important to building your children’s confidence and ensuring success. Our courses are designed to support UK school-aged children and are aligned with the various UK Curricula. An Estia Tuition student is a confident student because we support them no matter whether they are behind, where they should be, or, ahead. Our system comprises several key components, being:

Whilst our Maths tuition programme covers all aspects of the Curriculum from ages 5-16yrs, our English programme more specifically helps with English Grammar, Comprehension & Composition and Reading.

The English tuition programme covers the following key components of written English:

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension (literal), phonics, spelling, vocabulary development, punctuation, parts of speech, sentence construction, word usage, common errors, figurative language and writing skills. Students will develop their literal reading comprehension skills by reading, listening to, and interacting with a variety of text types.

Spelling skills

Students learn various techniques to improve their spelling, from spelling lists to distinguishing short and long vowel sounds, prefixes and plurals.

Vocabulary Development

Students increase, use and explore new words and learn how to identify and use figurative language.


This can make the world of difference to the meaning of a sentence or passage.

Parts of speech

Students learn to identify and use various parts of speech from nouns, verbs and adjectives to more complex forms. They will understand how to apply the correct use of grammatical terms through spoken and written words.

Improved Writing Skills

Students will improve their writing skills by being able to identify and use phrases and understand how sentence structures can be applied to write different types of texts.

Our expert Course Tutors are available to meet with you and your children at your convenience to fully explain the benefits of our system & support.