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Primary English Tuition

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Primary English Tuition


A Unique Approach To Primary English Tuition For UK Students

Online English lessons and tutoring with a fresh take designed to help primary school children thrive.

With Estia, your child will have access to:

✅ Personalised online English lessons

✅ Material aligned with the national school curriculum

✅ One-on-one check-ins with English tutors online

✅ Our Freephone Teacher Line for guidance and support

✅ Lessons that cater to your child’s learning style

Our innovative approach to online primary school English tutoring goes beyond what other platforms offer.

We don’t make assumptions about your child’s level of English knowledge and understanding based on their primary school year.

How Our Online English Lessons and Tutoring Works

With Estia, your child will have regular online tutoring sessions with an English tutor specialising in primary school teaching. They’ll also receive a personalised lesson plan to fill the gaps in their knowledge.
A tailored English lesson plan

Step 1: A tailored English lesson plan

Your child will have access to online primary school English classes. These are designed to address any gaps. Students will have over 2,000 online lessons at their fingertips whenever they’re ready to learn.

These lessons closely follow the national primary school curriculum, so your child will be familiar with the learning material.

Our online English tuition means students can work their way through their programme at their own pace and test their knowledge as they progress.

Aside from their tailored online classes, students can also use the Estia platform in manual mode to get help with homework and to find answers to specific questions.

Lessons with private English tutors

Step 2: Lessons with private English tutors

Your child will have regular check-ins with an online English tutor as they progress through their lessons. They can use this time to build and practice their skills.

Progress and performance reports

Step 3: Progress and performance reports

Through our Freephone Teacher Line, both you and your child can speak directly with an online English teacher when you need help with an Estia lesson, homework, or assignments from school.

Progress and performance reports

Step 4: Progress and performance reports

As a parent, you will get access to regular progress reports that detail:

  • How well your primary school child is performing.
  • Where they need further support.
  • How they’ve been using the Estia platform.

Our Building Blocks Approach to Primary School English

We believe English is a building block subject that is crucial to your child’s primary school education.

The concepts and knowledge they gain at school and through online English tutoring can be applied to all the other subjects they will learn.

Watch the video below to understand our building blocks approach to teaching English.

With our unique approach, your child will receive online lessons and tutoring on these core aspects of the English language:


Meet Our Expert Online English Tutors

We provide our students with tutors who have experience teaching primary school English. You can rest assured that your child’s online tutor will help them achieve academic excellence in all areas of the language.

David P.

David is skilled in emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) and has experience in educational coaching and training. He specialises in teaching English and communication with a positive attitude and a growth mindset.

Anna S.

Anna is a qualified teacher and literacy coordinator with many years of experience teaching English in the KS1, KS2, and KS3 phases. She is particularly skilled in teaching spelling and grammar and assisting students with creative writing and reading skills.

Rebecca L.

Rebecca has experience as a teacher and private English tutor. She teaches up to and including the KS3 phase, and has a flair for helping children improve their English language skills.

A Smooth Transition to Secondary School with Estia

Not only do we offer English tuition to primary school students, but we also cater to children in secondary school.

In our experience, we’ve seen that the transition from primary to secondary school can be difficult for children. There’s a significant jump between the two stages, and this can affect their confidence in their English skills.

But, when you give your child access to online lessons and an excellent tutor through Estia, you can rest at ease, knowing this transition will be much smoother.

Our online lessons are designed to bridge the gap between these two school phases, and our tutors have the experience to guide your child through this transition.

Why Choose Online Classes and English Tutors with Estia?

Here are just some of the reasons why families all over the UK are choosing Estia to help their children build their knowledge, confidence, and English skills.

✅ English classes aligned with the UK curriculum

Our online lessons are closely aligned with the UK English curriculum. This means your child will already be familiar with the material covered in their online English classes and will learn everything they need to perform well at secondary school and beyond.

✅ One subscription for the entire family

We’ve designed our subscriptions so that you only pay one fee for everyone in your family learning English rather than paying per child.

This saves you money, makes Estia’s online tuition affordable, and gives your children the support they need to learn English.

✅ Flexible to fit your schedule

The Estia platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This means that your child can learn based on their schedule and routine.

There’s no need to find a local English tutor and try to fit sessions into your child’s day. We provide the lessons, tutoring, marking, and live support to help your child grow in their own home when it suits them best.

✅ A comprehensive curriculum

We currently have over 2,000 on-demand lessons and 6 million questions covering the UK curriculum from Year 1 to Year 11.

✅ Minimal parent involvement

We know that your time is valuable, but you still want your child to get the best education possible.

Our online English tuition programme requires little parental involvement as we provide all the support your child needs.

However, you will still be kept up to date with progress and usage reports so you can monitor your child’s learning.

✅ A super smart online platform

From an interactive whiteboard to intelligent technology that adjusts as your child’s knowledge improves, Estia is a truly innovative learning platform.

✅ Blended education for all learning styles

Some children learn better when they listen, while others are visual learners. We’ve created our online English lessons to be engaging and interactive, catering to all learning styles. We call this blended learning. Visit our blended learning page to find out more about our lesson style.

✅ Get support from an experienced teacher

If your child is stuck on an English question or is preparing for a test and doesn’t know an answer, they can speak to one of our online English tutors via our Freephone Teacher Line for help. Our tutors are qualified teachers with extensive experience in all levels of English.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Estia Programme

Where can I get support for my child?

You and your child will enjoy unlimited access to our Freephone Teacher Line, where you can speak to an online English tutor.

When are your Freephone online tutors available?

Our online tutors are available to help with Estia’s lessons and homework at the following times:

You and your child can access an English tutor as often as needed. All calls are recorded so students can reference the session at any time.

Does my child’s English tutor have teaching experience?

Our online English tutors have extensive teaching experience both in the classroom and online. We pride ourselves on providing our students with the best online English tutors.

We’ve carefully vetted each of our tutors, and they are all qualified to teach English to students from Year 1 to Year 11.

What does my child need in order to use the Estia platform?

Estia can be accessed on just about any device, from tablets to laptops and even mobile phones. Your child only needs a device and an Internet connection to use our platform.

Is my child’s tutor a native speaker?

All our tutors are native English speakers with extensive experience in teaching this language.

Will my child learn English literature?

Our primary focus at Estia is on reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, parts of speech, and writing skills. While we don’t teach literature specifically, your child will certainly engage with English literature as they learn.

What is included in my Estia subscription?

We currently offer two subscription options which you can view on our pricing page. You can choose from either a 12-month subscription or a 1-month subscription.

With your subscription, you’ll get access to our entire curriculum for everyone in your family and one-to-one tuition sessions every two weeks with an online English tutor.

Do you offer online tutoring in any other subjects?

At Estia, we believe there are two subjects at the core of a good education: maths and English. That’s why our platform focuses on teaching children these two subjects. You can learn more about this on our maths tuition page.

What is blended learning?

Each child has a unique way of learning. Some prefer to read, while others learn best with a hands-on approach. Some children learn better by being actively involved, while others want to sit back and watch their teacher demonstrate concepts.

For this reason, we’ve created a blended learning system that accommodates all learning styles and preferences. This approach results in highly engaging and interactive learning that helps students to better understand and retain information.

Will my child be a part of a small group?

Our aim at Estia is to provide a fresh take on traditional online tuition. So your child will not be a part of a small group and will instead have one-on-one sessions with an online tutor.

Our platform lets students engage in self-study and development using their personalised lesson plans. This means they will learn at their own pace but still have regular check-ins with their online tutor.

We believe in empowering our students to expand their knowledge and understanding by working through their tailored learning plans as it suits them. However, an online English teacher can be reached using our Freephone Teacher Line if they have questions or require guidance.

Ready to Start English Tuition with Estia?

The right online learning platform makes all the difference.

If you’re ready to give your child the support, guidance, and tools they need to feel confident in the classroom and beyond, get started with a FREE trial lesson to see if Estia is the right fit for you and your family.