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Online Lessons And Tutors In London

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Online Lessons And Tutors In London


Online Lessons And Tutors In London For Maths And English Students From Year 1 To 11

Our London tutors are ready to help fill the gaps in your child’s knowledge so they can excel in the classroom and beyond.If you’re looking for private tutors in London, you’ve come to the right place. Through Estia, your child can get the very best online tuition in English and maths through personalised lessons and guidance from a private tutor.

With us, your child will enjoy access to:

✅ Tailored online lessons based on your child’s specific needs

✅ Regular one-to-one sessions with an experienced tutor

✅ Closely aligned with the UK national curriculum

✅ Freephone Teacher Line for unlimited guidance and support

✅ Blended learning to suit all learning styles

A Unique Approach to Online Tuition in London

After speaking with many parents in the London area, we’ve found that one of the main things school children in both public and independent schools struggle with is the motivation to learn.

Also, nearly 90% of London’s primary and secondary school children are behind in their maths and English skills.

If you want to help your child fill the gaps in their knowledge and motivate them to learn, our fresh approach to online education and private tutoring may be the perfect solution.

Rather than assuming your child’s level of knowledge based on their school year, we complete a thorough online assessment to identify the gaps in their knowledge.

From there, we design personalised online lessons that are engaging and interactive to address the specific areas where they need support. We also provide tutoring to guide your child as they learn.


Find the Perfect English and Maths Tutor in London

We call English and maths building block subjects. These two subjects are vital to your child’s education and will help them succeed throughout their school years.

Through Estia’s unique online tuition programme, your child will be matched with a skilled tutor for private lessons in maths and English. This will help them fill the gaps in their knowledge and thrive both in and outside the classroom.

Our tutors have professional qualifications and are real-life maths and English teachers.

Chelsea M

Chelsea has experience in teaching all foundation subjects, including maths, specifically KS1 and KS2 numeracy. Recently, she wrote the Recovery Curriculum for UK schools for children returning to the classroom post-pandemic.

Darren L

Darren is qualified to teach maths at all levels, including A-level maths, with several years of tutoring experience. He is also an experienced primary school teacher and regularly trains newly-qualified teachers on student wellbeing.

Derek E

Derek tutors mostly primary school children from Reception to Year 6. He specialises in ‘Talking Maths’, which entails working with students to learn the language of mathematics.


How Does Estia Work?

Five simple steps to ignite your child’s passion for knowledge and get them motivated to learn.


Online Assessment

Step 1: Complete an online assessment

Before your child has their first lesson with Estia, they will complete an online assessment that helps us to identify the gaps in their knowledge.

This test is designed to assess young minds and will directly inform the next step of our programme.

A Tailored learning programme

Step 2: Receive a personalised lesson plan

Once your child has completed their assessment, our intuitive technology will develop a tailored plan of online lessons to help your child improve their knowledge in maths and English.

Your child can complete online lessons in these two subject areas at their own pace and can even use our platform in manual mode to get specific help with homework and school assignments.

Private Lessons with expert maths tutors

Step 3: Match with your child’s ideal tutor in London

Our tutors are highly experienced and have a professional teaching background. Your child will have regular check-ins with a tutor every two weeks, where they can cover any areas they’re struggling with and solve problems together in real time.

Continued support from experienced tutors

Step 4: Unlimited help and guidance

Both parents and children will enjoy unlimited access to our Freephone Teacher Line. Whether your child is stuck on a homework problem or needs a quick explanation, our online tutors are just a call away.

Progress and performance reports

Step 5: Regular progress reports

Although very little parental involvement is needed when you choose Estia, we know you want to be kept up to date on your child’s learning goals. You will get access to regular progress and usage reports to monitor your child and find out where they need support.

Why Choose London Tutors and Online Classes with Estia?

Here are just some reasons why London families are choosing Estia to help their children build confidence and stay motivated to learn.

✅ Learning aligned with the UK curriculum

Our online lessons are closely aligned with the UK curriculum in both maths and English. This means your child will already be familiar with the material covered in their online learning and get everything they need to perform well at school and beyond.

✅ One subscription for the entire family

We’ve designed our subscriptions so that you only pay one fee for everyone in your family rather than paying per child for each subject.

This makes Estia’s tuition affordable and gives your children the support they need to improve their knowledge.

✅ Flexible to fit your schedule

The Estia platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This means that your child can learn based on your schedule and routine.

There’s no need to find a local London tutor and try fit sessions into your child’s day. We provide the lessons, tutoring, marking, and live support to help your child grow when it suits you best.

✅ A comprehensive programme

We currently have over 2,000 online lessons and 6 million questions covering the UK curriculum from Year 1 to Year 11.

✅ Minimal parent involvement

We know your time is valuable, but you still want your child to get the best education possible.

Our online maths and English tuition programme requires little parental involvement as we provide all the support your child needs.

However, you will still be kept up to date with progress and usage reports so you can monitor your child’s learning.

✅ A super smart online platform

Estia is a truly innovative platform with an interactive whiteboard for real-time problem-solving with online tutors. Our intelligent technology adjusts as your child’s knowledge improves.

✅ Blended education for all learning styles

Some children learn better when they listen, while others are visual learners. We’ve created our online lessons to be engaging and interactive, catering to all learning styles. We call this blended learning. Visit our blended learning page to learn more about our lesson style.

✅ Get support from a real teacher

If your child is stuck on a problem in their homework or is preparing for a test and doesn’t know an answer, they can speak to one of our online tutors for help at any time. Our tutors are real teachers with extensive experience in all levels of maths and English.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Estia’s London Tutor

Do you have tutors for primary school children?

Our primary school tutors are the perfect match for your child. Students in this phase will be paired with an experienced teacher who can assist primary school students specifically.

You can rest assured that your child is receiving guidance from a real, qualified primary teacher who can cater to their learning needs.

Can you tutor my secondary school child?

Many of our tutors have an extensive background in teaching secondary school children. If your child is in the secondary phase, they will be matched with an online tutor who specialises in this level of maths and English teaching.

Are your tutors qualified teachers?

We realize you might be concerned about the tutor your child gets matched with. After all, you want what’s best for your child.

Our tutors have many years of teaching experience as well as a university education and have been fully vetted before joining Estia.

Your child will receive guidance from a qualified teacher with tutoring experience that complements their exact learning needs.

Can you help my child with exam preparation?

Our tutors can absolutely help your child prepare for entrance exams, GCSEs, and SATs.

Also, your child can use the Estia platform in manual mode to find specific questions and lessons to assist them with exam prep.

Can your tutors help with other GCSE subjects?

Currently, we only offer private tuition in Maths and English as we believe these two subjects are at the core of a good education.

However, we are always open to feedback from the families we serve, so feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions about other subjects.

Learn more about why we’ve chosen these two subjects in particular by watching the video below.

Ready to Start Private Tuition Online with Estia?

The right online learning platform can make all the difference.

If you’re ready to give your child the support, guidance, and tools they need to excel in the classroom and beyond, get started with a FREE online tuition session to see if Estia is the right fit for you and your family.