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Learning Gap: Estia Tuition prevents falling behind

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Learning Gap: Estia Tuition prevents falling behind

The Learning Gap

The COVID Learning Gap is the difference between what children have learned during lockdown and what they would have learned had they been in the classroom.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a learning gap seeing students falling behind in core subjects of maths and literacy skills (Ofsted). Maths and English are building block subjects, which means that if a block is not understood or mastered before a student moves on, the learning of subsequent topics is impacted. As a result, a student is unable to reach their full potential. The following video demonstrates how Maths and English are taught as building block subjects across our education system.

What are building block subjects?

The learning gap could be as big as nine months for some students.

The learning gap will be different for each school and student. Students who were already behind in their studies before this pandemic could lose as much as nine months of learning, the equivalent of a year’s worth of knowledge lost or never gained.

This compounded disadvantage could make it harder for these students to make up ground later on, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll even get the chance if the pandemic continues for longer than expected.

The impact of the COVID learning gap could last several years

The impact of the learning gap could last several years. Children who were starting to get ahead of their peers have lost ground and will struggle to catch up, impacting their potential. Those struggling with Maths and English are likely to fall further behind, affecting their ability to succeed at school and in working life.

Is your child getting the support they need from teachers to get the most out of their learning experience?

Estia Tuition helps students establish good study skills which will give them an advantage throughout their school life. Good study habits include things like proficient recall of information, time management and effective reading strategies. If your child learns these skills early in their education journey they are more likely to get the most out of their schoolwork and have better preparation for exams.

Even if your child is doing well at school, you may want to consider whether they could be getting more out of the learning experience if they had some external support.

Estia Tuition assesses every student to understand where their learning and understanding is currently at. Our intelligent algorithm then teaches based on where they are at, ensuring that all building blocks of Maths and English are completed before moving on. Estia Tuition is an additional tool for academic success for your children.

Estia Tuition can help all students achieve success in whichever form it takes, regardless of where they start from or what issues they face.

Find out where your child is at with our free student assessment