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How to maintain learning momentum during strike action?

February 1st, 2023 by Lauren

The Teacher Strike is monopolising the news today, inevitably spreading doubt for parents and students as to how they can maintain a typical education within this period. In a time where strikes are happening nearly weekly, it is no surprise that the education system was compromised next.

The BBC has said that there will be near to 23,000 schools that are impacted, with many remaining “partially open”.

So, what guidance are we best to rely on when it comes to these strikes, and how can we guarantee that schooling life does not halt until teachers return?

We have asked our expert Estia teacher, Wendy Watts, to help tackle any anxieties that the strikes might cause for students and parents.

What should a typical learning day at home look like?

Teachers will typically set work for the students in schools in advance to do over the period when they are striking. Therefore, parents can make adequate arrangements at home and allow students to complete work online.

Since the pandemic, the previous practice has meant parents can also access and track their children’s progress when they complete work online. Parents will be relieved of any worries about adequate workload as they can monitor this themselves.

Each child is different, so we recommend getting into a good work/life routine that optimises home productivity. Just because there are strikes does not mean it has to be a ‘day of’. This will be a crucial term for many, and it’s important to help children maintain motivation, rather than become accustomed to what might appear as random days off.

What should my primary/secondary child do in a day?

I recommend that KS1 years spend, on average, 3 hours per day on schoolwork or tasks.

For KS2, 4 hours per day is suitable. You know your child best, so breaking up the time spent on schooling will help them stay motivated and willing to learn outside the school environment. Forty-five minutes of studying, with a 15-minute break in between, will maximise productivity and keep learning interesting.

It is always valuable to encourage exercises like reading on top of this – be it together or alone, will keep the creative cogs turning. Not only is it an activity to enjoy together, but you will spend quality time you wouldn’t typically have on a regular school day!

Can my child have the day off? Will having four days off over six-week period affect me?

Even if your school has not set sufficient work, keeping the structure of your child’s school routine in mind is essential. The extended break from learning will make it more difficult when teachers return, and it would be tricky to catch up if other children have progressed at home.

If you are stuck with what areas to cover at home, completing some simple maths and writing tasks such as times tables or storytelling is always valuable. However, if you can establish topics covered in school, link with these to stay on the right path.

If your school has not set work, or if you are looking for extra work to arrange for your child, I recommend spending around 30-40 minutes on each activity with regular breaks. But, again, keeping the learning momentum alive is the key to preserving the energy and enjoyment of learning.

My child has exams coming up and will be affected by the strikes. How worried should I be about lost learning time?

Parents and students will know this is a crucial learning period, and anxiety will be expected with these strikes. However, it is vital to keep encouraging your child with praise and constructive feedback, though there might be much stress involved.

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The opportunity to learn from home is made easier through blended learning.

We hope this guide helps with worries or ideas during the #TeacherStrikes. If you would benefit from further information or would like to speak to one of our Course Tutors on how Estia can help, please click the link for a free assessment.