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English And Maths Tutors!

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English And Maths Tutors!


Meet Our English And Maths Tutors!

Estia’s qualified tutors are ready to build your child’s confidence in maths and English.

With Estia, your child can access personalised online lessons and one-to-one sessions with an English and maths tutor. All our tutors have professional qualifications and extensive experience in online tuition.


Mary A

Mary is an online tutor with comprehensive knowledge and experience in literacy and numeracy, particularly in key stages 1, 2, and 3.

She was a literacy coordinator for many years and has delivered numerous staff training workshops in teaching literacy skills.

Additionally, Mary wrote the Recovery Curriculum for UK schools, providing guidance to staff on managing the post-pandemic return to school.

As a private English tutor, Mary is able to help your child with reading, comprehension, creative writing, spelling, and grammar.

Sophie H

Specialising in emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD), Sophie is the perfect maths or English tutor if you’re searching for someone who is compassionate and cares about your child’s growth.

In her capacity as an online English tutor, Sophie is particularly skilled at teaching language and communication. She is also qualified to help your child with learning maths.

She has provided educational coaching and training to school staff and is trained to teach children with learning difficulties.

George M

As one of our best online maths tutors, George is able to assist your child with their Estia maths lessons as well as school homework and assignments.

He is an enthusiastic teacher specialising in mathematics with an engaging teaching style.

George has experience in tutoring up to A-level maths and providing expert online English lessons. He is particularly experienced in teaching primary school English.

As one of our highly qualified tutors, George’s teaching methods will help your child develop their maths and English skills so that they’re confident in the classroom and beyond.

Andy S

Andy has experience teaching maths and English from reception to year 6, although he can assist students at any age.

He also has experience supporting children who have recently moved to the UK to learn English.

As one of our expert private maths tutors, Andy specialises in ‘talking maths’, which specifically addresses the terminology and language used in mathematics. This will help your child grasp maths at a deeper level.

Also, Andy has special knowledge of working with children who have fallen behind in their progress in school.

Wendy W

Wendy is our teacher manager, which means she heads up our team of English and maths tutors.

She has extensive experience as a primary school teacher and is also a health and wellbeing consultant in various local institutions.

With a particular interest in children’s rights, Wendy works with UNICEF to help implement programmes in the school community to drive change.

Wendy is an enthusiastic tutor who can assist your child in maths and English from primary school to GCSE level.

As a qualified tutor, Wendy helps her students improve their writing skills and understand parts of speech in more complex contexts. She will help your child sharpen their maths knowledge from their very first lesson.


About Our Maths and English Tutors

Our tutors are all real-life teachers, which means they use methods similar to what children experience at school.

Our private English tutors can assist your child with spelling, vocabulary development, punctuation, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

Your child’s Estia maths tutor can help break down complex mathematical concepts into simple and practical terms. They can also help them solve specific maths problems and fill any gaps in their knowledge.


What You Can Expect from Your Estia Tutor

Interested in signing up with Estia? Here’s what you can expect from your child’s tutor:

➡️ Tutoring aligned with the national curriculum

Your child’s tutor will use teaching material that is similar to what they learn in the classroom. This makes students’ online tuition experience comfortable and familiar, helping them to perform at their best.

➡️ Teaching tailored to your child’s learning style

Each child has a different learning style. Some prefer hands-on exercises, while others enjoy watching their teacher demonstrate new concepts.

Our online English and maths tutors can tailor their sessions to your child’s specific learning style so that they can thrive.

➡️ Support with online lessons and schoolwork

Our tutors can help your child as they progress through their tailored Estia online lessons. They can also assist with homework and assignments from school.

➡️ Expert English tutoring

Estia’s tutors are experts at teaching English and can help your child better understand the language and improve their skills.

➡️ Hands-on maths tuition

Your child’s maths tutor has in-depth experience in teaching this subject both in the classroom and online. Their tutor can help them work toward achieving academic success in all levels of maths from year 1 to year 11.

➡️ Available five days a week

Estia students will have a session with their tutor every two weeks. Our tutors are available five days a week, so they can book a session at a time that works best for their schedule. This ensures online learning that fits seamlessly into your child’s existing routine.

What You Get with Estia’s Online English and Maths Tuition

With Estia, you get more than just a private tutor. You get an experienced teacher who knows exactly how to ensure that your child progresses in English and maths to reach their full potential.

Your child will get weekly homework or tasks with specific objectives to keep them engaged and test their knowledge.We also offer parent evenings for feedback and support so that you know how your child is progressing and where you can help them.

You get a free GCSE Revision Module with your Estia subscription. This is a bespoke module that is mapped to all three examination boards, including EdExcel, AQA, and OCR.

This includes 261 lessons to help your child reach their full potential at a GCSE level.

Our Pricing Options

Did you know that the average private tutor charges £30 per hour, per child, per subject? That’s over £6,000 per year!

We don’t think this is fair, which is why we’ve designed two subscription plans that cover your entire family for both English and maths tuition.

12-month subscription

✅ 24/7 access to our online learning platform.

✅ Unlimited access to our Freephone Teacher Line.

✅ Private tuition sessions every two weeks with a qualified tutor.

✅ Access to all our GCSE revision courses.

Price: £18.24 per week

1-month subscription

✅ 24/7 access to our online learning platform.

✅ Unlimited access to our Freephone Teacher Line.

✅ Private tuition sessions every two weeks with a qualified tutor.

✅ Access to all our GCSE revision courses.

Price:  £22.86 per week

Introducing Our Super Smart Online Platform

Our intelligent online platform is fully dynamic and automated and provides engaging and interactive lessons for students.

Your child will receive individually tailored lessons that they can work through online at their own pace and whenever it suits them.

Their personalised study plan will be based on an initial online assessment that identifies the gaps in their knowledge.

Our built-in lessons use blended learning, which we believe is important to cater to each student’s unique learning style.

The platform also includes an interactive whiteboard that tutors and students can use together. This tool is ideal for demonstrating concepts and solving problems in real time.

Get Support and Guidance with Our Freephone Teacher Line

Aside from their online lessons and sessions with their tutor, your child also gets unlimited access to our Freephone Teacher Line.

This is a service that is available to both students and parents when extra support or guidance is needed.

Whether it’s questions about homework, help with school assignments, or assistance with their Estia lessons, our teachers are just a call away.

Our Freephone Teacher Line can be accessed at the following times:

  • Weekdays from 4 pm to 7 pm, including school holidays.
  • Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm, including school holidays.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Estia’s Tutoring Services


Do your tutors help with exam preparation?

Our tutors can certainly help your child prepare for all kinds of tests and exams. Our platform can also be used in manual mode to give your child access to resources to help them study for specific exams.

Does my child’s tutor have teaching experience?

Your child’s tutor is a fully qualified teacher. We’ve carefully selected and vetted each of our tutors to ensure they can provide the very best online tuition. Our tutors each have at least one teaching qualification with diverse backgrounds in education.

Do you offer in-person lessons?

The Estia programme is completely online. Our intuitive platform is designed to make learning a breeze and keep students motivated and engaged.

Do you teach GCSE, A-level, and further maths?

Currently, our online maths tuition covers UK students from year 1 to year 11. We can certainly assist with GCSE maths, and we’ve designed a unique module to help students prepare for this level.

We currenly don’t offer A-level and further maths. However, we are always looking for ways to improve our offerings. If you have any suggestions about how we can provide you with more value through our tuition, feel free to contact us.

When does my child meet with their online tutor?

Students will meet with a tutor once every two weeks. During these sessions, they can get assistance with their personalised Estia lessons as well as school homework and assignments.

Our online tutoring sessions are designed to help your child fill the gaps in their maths and English knowledge.

Can you help my secondary school child?

Our tutors have experience teaching students at all levels, including primary and secondary school children.

Based on their school year, your child will be matched with an online tutor with specific training in their level of maths and English.

Do you offer online tutoring in any other subjects?

At Estia, we believe there are two subjects that are at the core of a good education: maths and English. That is why our platform focuses on teaching children these two subjects.

What is included in my Estia subscription?

We currently offer two subscription options, which you can view on our pricing page. You can choose from either a 12-month subscription or a 1-month subscription.

With your subscription, you’ll have access to our entire curriculum for everyone in your family and one-to-one tuition sessions every two weeks with an online tutor.

Why Choose Estia for Online Tutoring Sessions?

If you’re looking for an expert tuition solution to help your child thrive in the classroom and beyond, Estia is for you.

We provide affordable subscription options, access to fully qualified teachers, and an advanced online learning platform.

Give your child the education they deserve to truly excel by signing up for a free tuition session today!