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About Us

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About Us

Estia Tuition is an online and individually tailored Maths and English tuition platform for school children aged 5 –16. We combine our intelligent online platform with access to fully qualified, UK teachers for a blended learning experience that works. We support children at home in furthering their understanding and progress at school resulting in confidence and attainment. An Estia student is a confident student.

Our Technology

An intelligent, powerful algorithm tailors the learning for each student. We understand where your child is at, not where they should be. Maths and English are building block subjects. Estia Tuition adapts lesson content to strengthen or fill the gaps in your child’s learning. Our online platform can be accessed from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Our Teachers

What makes Estia Tuition different is our team of qualified, UK teachers available to support you and your child. Our Freephone Teacher Line is available to all our students and supports them with Maths and English challenges they are facing at school or in their homework, as well as supporting their Estia learning.

The UK’s leading blended learning platform

96.2% average pass mark

Created by teachers, trusted by schools

How does Estia Tuition work?

Our comprehensive Initial Assessment identifies where children are at and creates an individually tailored Study Plan to support areas for improvement.

Students learn through Video Tutorials and answer questions to check their understanding.

Our algorithm adapts content based on the students’ progress, ensuring that any gaps in their learning are addressed before moving on.

The Parent Dashboard allows you to track your child’s activity, progress and average pass marks.

The meaning of Estia

The word ‘Estia’ (pronounced es-ti-a) is an ancient Greek word that originally meant the fire that burned constantly at the centre of every family home. As families would gather around it every night, the word quickly became synonymous with traditional values such us health, nutrition, child welfare, parenting and, of course, Education!

Inspired by these ancient traditions where children would gather around the fire to learn from their elders, Estia Tuition places education at the core and brings learning into the home. Estia Tuition connects home & school.