A Fresh Take On Online Tuition In Maths And English For UK Students Aged 5 To 16

A new approach to online classes and private tutors to help fill gaps and boost your child’s confidence.

Rather than assuming what level your child is at based on their age, our intuitive technology works by identifying the gaps in your child’s knowledge and creating a personalised plan to help them.

We offer the very best private tuition options based on the UK curriculums to support your children during their time at school.

Speaking with parents we've found that...

Over 90%...

  • of children are at least one year behind
  • of those parents had no idea
  • of parents don't feel they can help

We can help! Our fresh, unique approach is ready to revolutionise how your children learn.

Loved by Children. Trusted by Parents.

  • "“No more worrying and that's the great part, because I was always scared of tests and now it is different!"



  • "“Tailor made system for my son. And help available just a phone call away!"



  • "“I'm now in the top group in my class. It's easy for me to study at home now."



  • "Now I do know the answer. It gives me fantastic confidence to want to do better all the time."



  • "The results have been unbelievable! Our daughter has completely changed her study habits."



  • "We had tried everything. After 6 months, his improvement is so dramatic that we can't believe it's the same boy!"



What's included?

Everything Your Child Needs to Succeed at School and Beyond

A comprehensive online learning programme

  • Online lessons accessible 24/7
  • Individually Tailored assessments
  • Personalized lesson plans
  • Aligned with UK school curriculums
  • Access to performance reports

Face-to-face tuition sessions

  • Individually tailored sessions with fully
    qualified teachers
  • Weekly homework to enrich learning
  • Weekly goals to keep children engaged

Freephone Teacher Line

  • Access to qualified teachers
  • Support for all Estia Lessons
  • Support for schoolwork
  • Interactive whiteboard capabilities to
    work through problems together
How Estia Online Tutoring Works

Is your child gearing up for entrance exams, GCSEs, or starting SATs preparation? Does your primary school child need a little help with their understanding?

Our online tutoring programme is designed to get your child’s maths and English skills where they need to be so they can thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Rather than your child spending hours being taught by an online tutor, we provide an opportunity for self-study and development where your child can navigate their personalised learning programme at their own pace, along with regular check-ins with their online tutor.

Choose a subscription

We currently offer two highly affordable subscription plans to suit your budget. Your subscription covers your entire family’s learning, not just one child.

Complete an online assessment

Your child will need to complete an online assessment which will establish what they know and what they need to improve on. The assessment takes into account what level they’re at in terms of their understanding and identifies gaps in their knowledge.

Receive a personalised plan

Based on the online assessment results, an individualised study plan will be created for your child. It’s developed to address the specific gaps in their knowledge and help them get the best education possible.

Your child can also search all our available resources online if there are any areas they feel they need extra help with, whether it’s assistance with homework, revision, or exam preparation.

With each lesson, students can choose from:

  • • Practice questions to test their knowledge
  • • Video tutorials
  • • Lesson assessments
Regular tutoring sessions

Your child will have one-to-one sessions with an online tutor every two weeks. Our tutors are qualified maths and English teachers and can help support your child via live video calls.

Access progress and usage reports

As parents, you have access to regular updates to monitor your child’s progress, their marks, and areas where they require more support.

Minimal Parent Time

We take care of the teaching
and support.

For the Entire Family

One subscription covers your
whole family.

Flexible Schedule

Your family can learn
whenever it suits them.

Estia students are confident students.

Our results speak for themselves...

Lessons done today
Average mark
Lessons this month
Lessons this year
  • ε Increased engagement among learners
  • ε Improved problem-solving skills
  • ε Better information retention
  • ε Students can study at home at their own pace
  • ε Better value than traditional private tutoring

Affordable Tuition

Estia offers high-end online tuition services at affordable prices, meaning that your children can get the support they need to succeed academically while learning at home.
Get LIVE Support

Unlimited access to qualified teachers

Of course, your child will have questions along the way. Instead of asking you, we provide live support from real teachers. Your child can simply call when they need help!
Get LIVE Support

Flexible to fit your schedule

With no need to find a tutor near you, we have ensured that our solution is as flexible as possible. You set the best routine and schedule for your family, and we’ll provide the teaching, marking, and live support to help your child grow.
See How We Can FIT IN

Minimal parent time

Your time is precious these days. Our programme is built to be effective with very little parental involvement. We take care of the lesson planning, teaching, marking, and live support.
See How We SAVE You Time

Personalised to your child’s exact level

Take the free assessment and we'll create the
first lesson plan tailored precisely to fit your
child's needs.

Aligned to UK Curriculum

Lessons use the same teaching methods as UK schools and are fully aligned with your child's curriculum.

Comprehensive education

Over 2,000 on-demand lessons and 6 million questions covering maths and English from Year 1 through Year 11.

Access to experienced tutors

Our team of qualified online tutors is available to support you and your child via our Freephone Teacher Line.

Saving You Money

Pay for one plan that covers the entire family rather than paying per child. This makes our online tuition an affordable option for parents.

Build your child’s confidence

Your child will have the opportunity to improve their exam techniques and have the confidence to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Unlock your child’s academic potential

Help them achieve outstanding results with our new and personalised learning approach.

Reach target grades with ease

Our online tuition follows the UK curriculums, providing your child with online education that is aligned with what they are learning at school.

Experience the benefits of online learning

Our online programme is designed to explain tricky concepts in a way that is easy to understand and is engaging. Your child can learn from anywhere, at their own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Estia Online Tuition

How do I get a free trial session for online tutoring?
We understand that you may want to try out Estia before committing to a subscription. This is why we offer a free trial session so you can experience our online tuition for yourself.

Simply visit our subscription page to book your free online tutoring session to see if Estia is the right fit for your family.
How much teaching experience do your online tutors have?
All our tutors are highly experienced in maths and English tuition. Your child’s online tutor is an extensively qualified teacher with in-depth knowledge of how to best support learning objectives.
How do you test my child’s subject knowledge?
When you first subscribe to Estia, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your child’s current education levels in maths and English. This helps us to build an individualised programme that directly addresses the gaps in their knowledge.

Also, our sophisticated system provides plenty of opportunities throughout each lesson for your child to test their knowledge so that they know what they need to work on to improve their overall understanding and skills.

You will get access to comprehensive reports on your child’s progress so that you can see how we are testing their knowledge and what their current performance is. This can help you as a parent determine where you can help to get your child to a level that is appropriate for their age.
Do you offer science tuition?
We don’t currently offer science tuition services. However, we are always looking for ways to improve our services and provide the best possible learning experience for children.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback you have regarding improvements we can make to our online tuition to meet your needs.
What is distance learning?
Put simply, distance learning is any environment where a student learns outside of the traditional classroom.

The online tuition your child receives through Estia is considered distance learning as they are not present in a classroom. However, we have worked hard to design a programme and system that mimics the engaging and immersive environment of the classroom experience.
Will my child be a part of a small group?
Our aim at Estia is to provide a fresh take on traditional online tuition. For this reason, your child will not be a part of a small group and will instead have one-on-one sessions with an online tutor.

Our platform lets students engage in self-study and development using their personalised plan. This means they can learn at their own pace but still have regular check-ins with their online tutor.

We believe in empowering our students to expand their knowledge and understanding by working through their tailored lesson plans as it suits them. However, their online tutor can be reached anytime if they have questions or require guidance.

When are your Freephone online tutors available?
Our experienced online tutors are available to help with school and homework at the following times:
  • • Weekdays from 4 pm to 7 pm, including school holidays.
  • • Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm, including school holidays.
You and your child can access your online tutor as often as needed. All calls are recorded so your child can reference the session anytime.
Why maths and English?
Maths and English aren’t just popular subjects, they’re the foundation of education. The skills, knowledge and experience that students develop when learning maths and English are vital to excelling in other subjects too.

Science, geography and many additional subjects require the basic knowledge and skills that come from maths and English to be fully understood.
What is blended learning?
Each child has a unique way of learning. Some prefer to read, while others learn best with a hands-on approach. Some children learn better by being actively involved, while others want to sit back and let the teacher demonstrate concepts.

For this reason, we’ve created a blended learning system that incorporates all learning styles and preferences. This results in highly engaging and interactive learning that helps students to better understand and retain information.
Why should I choose Estia?
Unlike other online tutoring platforms, Estia is designed to meet your child’s needs based on where they currently are. Our programmes are specially designed to address your child’s current level of knowledge and improve upon that in time.

What truly sets us apart from the rest is that we’ve established a learning system that supports every level of understanding and knowledge rather than basing our education on what we assume your child should know at a certain school age.

Use the button below to learn more about our pricing and to get a free tuition session so you can try Estia out for yourself.